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A FG-3500 delivered to Wilkes County Fire Marshal

Our Mobile Concepts team recently completed another Fire Prevention trailer! Wilkes County Fire Marshal in Wilkesboro, North Carolina chose our FG-3500 model. The FG-3500 model features a full size living room, front kitchen, and bedroom in the rear. It is a 35 foot length trailer with a fiberglass exterior.

Highlights of the FG-3500 includes:

  • Living room features a log-light fireplace and multimedia cabinet
  • Kitchen features: “Safety Stove”, sink, microwave, refrigerator
  • Bedroom features: bench seating, exit door, sliding escape window, and emergency escape ladder
  • Control room for electrical components
  • Heated door w/ electronic temperature display & audible alarm
  • Additional raining components: smoke machine, 9-1-1 phone, and hardwired smoke alarms

To learn more about the FG-3500, click here!

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