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Door-to-Door Fire & Safety Inspection Trailers Available for FP&S Funds

Based on the funding priorities outlined in the FP&S guidance from the last 3 years, Mobile Concepts by Scotty has developed 3 trailers that can be used to complete a comprehensive fire prevention and safety awareness project.


The Door-to-Door Fire and Safety Inspection Trailers available for FP&S funds provide fire departments with a means of taking their safety messages straight into the homes in their communities. Personnel will have the supplies needed to perform home fire and safety inspections as well as install smoke alarms.

The 3 models are intended to build general awareness and knowledge of the issues facing residents.

The 31 foot Inspection/Sprinkler Demonstration Trailer which is used to promote awareness of sprinkler systems using live fire burn demonstration in the front area of the trailer.

The compact 18 foot Fire/Safety Inspection Trailer makes safeguarding homes with smoke alarms and general safety knowledge a top priority.

Finally, the 32 foot Inspection/InterPlayHQ interactive fire safety house trailer contains a front kitchen stage that takes advantage of interactive learning environments with touch pad operation of special effects, oven and range-top fires, interactive video and Q & A sessions with various safety topics downloaded to DVD via subscription service.

Each model comes with 2 exterior side-mounted LED programmable message signs, a full stock of dual sensor smoke detectors and hard of hearing/deaf smoke alarms, 1 full restock of both types of smoke alarms, sign software for instant display or calendar scheduling of safety messages and a rear ramp door for access to supplies.

Contact Anne Degre at 1-800-783-0213 for pricing and specs on these inspection trailers available for FP&S.


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