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39 Blood / Breath Alcohol Testing

The Blood / Breath Alcohol Testing trailer, or BAT Mobile, is ideal for communities that want a visible deterrent and educational opportunities to reduce the incident of DUI, DWI, or drug-related crashes and incidents.

In addition, the BAT Mobile has been designed for use as a substance abuse testing trailer by law enforcement at roadside sobriety checkpoints. This vehicle decreases the time law officers spend processing drunk drivers, increases the number of drivers apprehended and acts as a visual deterrent for potential offenders.

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The objective of the BAT Mobile is to provide officers with complete on-site testing and detention capabilities as well as work station processing and storage space.

The BAT Mobile is an excellent addition to prevention programs for middle and high school students as well as college-aged individuals. Fort Riley uses one of our 35 foot length substance abuse testing trailers to raise awareness and promote sober, healthy living on base.


  • 39-foot length trailer (includes hitch) w/rear ramp door
  • Custom graphics
  • Four (4) Telescopic Scene Lights on Pole on each corner


  • LCD TV
  • Closed circuit interior color cameras
  • Pre-Wire radio
  • CAT 5


  • 210 cubic feet of Rear Cargo space
  • 2- Workstations
  • 2- Offender processing chairs w/cuff holds
  • 2- Temporary prisoner holding facilities
  • Lab Area
  • Custom Cabinetry w/whiteboard inserts on overheads
  • Built-in microwave, compact electric refrigerator, space saver coffee pot,
  • Bathroom
  • Lonseal non-skid commercial grade flooring
  • 090” fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) lining on the walls
  • Ribbed loop pile fabric on the ceiling
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