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Combination Sprinkler Fire Safety House

This 39 foot length sprinkler demonstration trailer with original SCOTTY Fire Safety House features allows on-lookers to view a dramatic live fire demonstration. Not only can you raise awareness for residential sprinkler systems, but you can teach fire safety and prevention.



  • 39 foot length trailer (includes hitch)
  • White gelcoat fiberglass exterior
  • Sprinkler/fire education & severe weather training
  • 4 large Lexan windows
  • Diamond tread plate walls in burn room
  • Galvanized heat shield covers ceiling & front wall
  • Trough-style drain system
  • Sloped floors w/exterior drain pipe
  • 1/2 hp pump
  • PEX & copper piping
  • 20 gal water tank
  • 135degree sprinkler head
  • 31 Bleacher FLT SCOTTY Fire Safety House features
  • Kitchen w/multimedia cabinet
  • Bedroom w/escape window
  • Heated door
  • Control room
  • Bench seats instead of bleacher seats
  • Smoke system w/smoke fluid
  • 9-1-1 phone
  • Closed circuit cameras
  • Ramp
  • 7kw generator
  • Electric leveling jacks
  • Telescoping lights
  • HVAC
  • Exterior graphics
  • Options available
  • Tow w/1 ton truck
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